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Earthmoving Machinery Overhauls

At our heavy machinery rebuild facility, we specialize in providing comprehensive, in-house overhauls for mining components, engines, and machines. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every aspect of the machinery is thoroughly inspected, repaired, and optimized to perform at its peak. From dismantling to reassembly, we handle it all with precision and care, ensuring that your heavy machinery is restored to its full operational capacity.


Diesel Engine Overhauls

Experience the pinnacle of heavy diesel engine overhauls with Paton Diesel Services, where our commitment to excellence is underpinned by extensive research and development in the field. Our dedicated team is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise to ensure that your heavy diesel engines receive the most advanced and tailored solutions. What sets us apart is our in-house machining capabilities for cranks and blocks, a testament to our dedication to precision and quality. From innovative R&D initiatives to meticulous machining processes, every aspect of our heavy diesel engine overhauls reflects our relentless pursuit of perfection. Choose Paton Diesel Services for an unparalleled combination of advanced engineering, in-house expertise, and a commitment to elevating the performance of your heavy diesel engines to new heights.

Component Overhauls

Experience cost-effective excellence with our component overhauls that not only surpass industry standards but also outshine competitors in both quality and affordability. At our facility, we've perfected the art of delivering high-quality overhauls for mining components while keeping costs reasonable. Our commitment to efficiency and precision allows us to streamline processes, providing you with a superior product without compromising on durability or performance. Unlike competitors, we believe in offering value-driven solutions, ensuring that your investment not only meets budgetary constraints but also delivers unparalleled results. Trust us for component overhauls that redefine industry expectations, combining affordability with uncompromising quality.


On Site Support

Transform your onsite operations with Paton Diesel Services' exceptional onsite field service. We bring a wealth of expertise directly to your location, providing a tailored range of services to address your unique requirements. Our skilled technicians excel in on-the-spot diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance for heavy machinery and equipment. Whether it's a critical breakdown or routine inspections, our onsite field service is designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to delivering timely and reliable solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities. Count on Paton Diesel Services for seamless onsite support, where our expertise meets your machinery, ensuring your operations run with optimal efficiency.

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